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We are reopening with simpler menus but the same experience as ever

We are back! ALMA reopens its doors on Tuesday, 26 May. Our diner’s comfort is our primary concern. This is why we have reduced the number of items on our Alma and Costa a Costa tasting menus. Meals will take less time, but we will still deliver the excellence that we are famed for.

“In this first phase, people are going to be wary about going out and are not going to feel comfortable being in a restaurant for three or four hours. What we have done is to reduce our menus so that diners can have the same fine experience but in less time”, says Henrique Sá Pessoa. He also explains that these changes have allowed us to “lower the price”.

At a time when many kitchens are seeking to reinvent themselves, Henrique Sá Pessoa believes that the ALMA concept makes more sense than ever. “I think we were already on the right path. I believe that our cuisine goes right to the heart of what makes sense at the moment - a cuisine of memories and one that appeals to the Portuguese and to our culinary roots”. Foreseeing a significant return of local diners to the Chiado, the chef points out that this “is a really special place”, one that has, historically, been much cherished by the Portuguese.

In order to ensure the well-being of both our diners and the restaurant team, we have fully implemented the set of rules established by the Directorate General for Health. We highlight the following: - Single-use or digital menus;
- Disinfectant dispensers and disinfectant mat at the entrance;
- Increased frequency of the cleaning of places and utensils;
- Preferential payment via ATM or mbway;
- Safety distancing;
- Mandatory use of mask for employees and customers (when circulating in the restaurant).

So, we advise you to make your reservation.

We are open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm and from 7 pm to 11 pm.