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The new soul of the Costa a Costa Menu

Deeply influenced by traditional Portuguese dishes using products that I enjoy working with and that are at their peak quality at this moment”. That’s how Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa explains the new edition of the Costa a Costa menu.

This is one of Alma’s most emblematic menus, a plunge into the ocean, a voyage along the national coast that brings the ocean’s water and sustainable species to the table. An endeavour of a nearly disconcerting, yet surprising, simplicity. Less cluttered dishes boasting more flavour and creativity, in which choices were made according to the season and always heeding the advice of Pedro Bastos, from Nutrifresco – “Our supplier with a deep knowledge of what fish and shellfish are currently at their best”, remarks Henrique Sá Pessoa.

The new Costa a Costa Menu pays homage to our coast’s fish and shellfish. It all begins with the inebriating aroma of Seafood and fish soup with seaweed, a veritable plunge into the ocean, which definitely is not a discreet starter in this current of flavours. The tide rises with Portuguese Sole that “comes ashore” garnished with green peas, Alentejo chorizo and noisette hollandaise. Next on the coast’s roster is the John dory fish, together with cuttlefish, garnished with fennel puree and chive in a disconcerting harmony. Some space must be reserved for Scarlet prawn rice. Its voluptuous is a feast for the senses. In the words of Henrique Sá Pessoa, it’s inspired by “traditional shellfish rice. We wanted the scarlet shrimp to be in all its splendour in the rice’s flavour – ingrained, concentrated and rich, as desired in a traditional rice”. Here, we eat with our eyes and savour unhurriedly, a moment set aside for tasting.