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Henrique Sá Pessoa revamps his iconic Coast to Coast menu

Henrique Sá Pessoa’s signature Costa a Costa menu, a tribute to the enormous wealth we source from our seas, has become one of the ALMA’s most sought-after dining experiences.

After months of experimenting with the help of his team, the chef has now launched a range of new creations, in which the very best fish and seafood from the Portuguese coast take pride of place.

"This is a menu that allows for greater creative freedom, although the main dishes, in particular, are hugely inspired by traditional cuisine. We start off with seemingly obvious combinations, but then seek to raise them to a higher level in terms of complexity”, explains Henrique Sá Pessoa.

The recrafting starts with the amuse-bouches, where there are new dishes such as the Beetroot tapioca with red cabbage pickle and island cheese, served on a Viúva Lamego tile, the Piripiri pork (inflated pork skin, honey and chilli mayonnaise and pork trimmings), the Mackerel, dashi and mushroom pickle and the Squid and bean stew.

Starters include a new and lighter version of the Fish and shellfish caldeirada, with a clarified broth of coastal prawns, gooseneck barnacles and razor clams. This is immediately followed by another new dish: Carabineiro (Scarlet shrimp), accompanied here by an açorda, seaweed pickles, capers and anchovies.

Sticking to his philosophy of working with fish that are less familiar to the general public, the chef has chosen Azorean parrotfish to head up the main courses: Azorean parrotfish, fava beans, Alentejo pork chorizo. Another new dish, John Dory, clams and white asparagus completes the savoury menu.

The chef and pastry chef Mauricio Roesel collaborated closely on the desserts, including a 2.0 version of the classic Sea flavors and citrus, which now has a novel look and enhanced balance and textures.

In addition to the Costa a Costa menu, why not also take the opportunity to explore the new Alma menu, which brings together some of the chef's greatest classics. The à la carte menu, which is available for both lunch and dinner, includes some of the latest dishes on the tasting menus.

Discover all our new dishes and book a table for a truly unforgettable gastronomic voyage, masterfully helmed by Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa.